we offer a variety of soups made daily

Caesar-  romaine lettuce with our vegan caeser dressing, tempeh   
    bacon, whole wheat croutons and fried capers
Arugula,  baked ricotta, oven roasted tomatoes, lemon-
    parsley vinaigrette with toasted peasant bread
Lacinato kale, quinoa, julienned apples and carrots tossed with apple        
    cider sesame vinaigrette
Nicoise-house confit of fresh tuna, hard boiled egg, fingerling potato, 
    green beans and olives, drizzled with mustard shallot vinaigrette
Mezze plate-hummus, tahini, grilled eggplant, carrot falafel. olives, quinoa
    tabouleh, tomato, red onion and cucumber salad, crostini

Sandwiches- served with chopped salad and house made pickles

Beef burger- grass fed, hormone free, organic..grilled to temp, with     
    lettuce, tomato and onion on a portuguese roll
                                        -add bacon, cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms or a fried egg 
Pan seared local cod filet, bacon, lettuce and butternut ketchup on multigrain
Hummus burger- grated chickpeas, veggies and seasonings formed into     
    a patty, baked served with lettuce, tomato and tahini on multigrain
Cod cake-local cod poached, seasoned with red pepper, onion and fresh     
    herbs,made into a patty,pan seared served with lettuce on a        
    portuguese roll with a side of remoulade
The lobster dog housemade uncased local lobster 
    sausage, poached in butter, served on a new england 
    style bun with savoy and dill slaw

The standbys:       blt      egg salad on croissant   
                        tuna salad         grilled cheese