organic steel cut oats with maple syrup and milk, cream or soy

muesli raw organic oats, nuts and dried fruits, chopped apples and 
    greek yogurt

2 organic eggs any style, or tofu scramble with home fries, toast and     
    chopped fruit or salad

bennies- 2 poached eggs topped with hollandaise over rustic bread with     
    your choice of
        house smoked bluefish or cod, bacon, linguica, sausage, veggie     
        sausage or swiss chard and shallots
        or over cod cakes-no bread
    and your choice of fruit or salad

vegan benedict- rustic bread topped with sauteed kale, baked tofu,     
    roasted tomato and vegan hollandaise, with fruit or salad

corn beet hash-sauteed potatoes, onions, beets and non gmo corn
    -with 2 eggs any style

portuguese homefries- sauteed potatoes, peppers, linguica, onion and     
    kale with melted cheddar
    -with 2 eggs any style
    -with pan seared cod

dutch babies- light and airy “pancakes” baked to order in cast iron     
    pans, topped with warm maple butter
    -with one egg any style and bacon, linguica, sausage or veg sausage

french toast- portuguese sweet bread dipped in orange and cinnamon         
    scented batter with real maple syrup

vegan french toast-rustic bread dipped in banana almond soy batter,     
    served with real maple syrup

gluten free oatmeal pancakes-grilled banana, toasted almonds and       
    real maple syrup
   we offer  jims organic coffees,  triangle organic teas,  home made lemon ginger and 
lime ades, 
fresh juices and smoothies,
 specialty italian sodas, cape cod beer,
a variety of local and sustainable wines,
sake cocktails,
and delightful